Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My sister Millie introduced me to the Elf On The Shelf Christmas tradition while we were at Tannenbaum 
in Sister Bay, Wisconsin this past September.  I fell in love with the little red capped elf and purchased him quick.  He has been hiding in my closet waiting, waiting, waiting for December 1st to meet our Hugo. 

Well, I couldn't wait any longer and pulled the elf and the book out of their box and read the story to Hugo on November 28th!  We named our elf Buddy, how original, I know.  Hugo wanted to name him Elfie.  Sorry, but I just can't do Elfie for the next how many years of my life.  It took a bit of persuasion on my part, but the name of Buddy won out. 

Hugo believes in Santa.  Hugo also believes in his new best pal Buddy hook, line, and sinker.  I've caught him whispering to Buddy when he thought I wasn't paying attention.  Oh, and all the elves come with rules you know.  Like, Santa's #1 Rule for his traveling elves is that they are not allowed to talk to the children.  I wonder if this is because they might accidentally spill too many of Santa's secrets?  Santa's Rule #2 - Children are not allowed to touch their elf, he could lose his magic if this happens.  Genius. 

The girls are also fascinated by Buddy.  Partly because our Buddy is an exceptionally good flier and has been busy buzzing about the house to keep Hugo playing the game.  He has fallen hook, line, and sinker.  Hook, liiiinnnne, and sinker.

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