Sunday, December 26, 2010

Powder Room Door

We are in the beginnings of a blizzard.  I can hardly believe it.  Not a flake to be found so far this winter, and now, a full on blizzard, and not of the delicious Oreo variety, hee hee!

So, I walk in the door and what do I spy?  Why the cutest Papa adoration happening right before my very eyes, and it was not of the usual Hugo kind.  It was Miss Marlo adoring her Papa while *sitting* on a stair step like a big little girl.  Love her.  She was even swinging her feet back and forth while chirping away. 

Look at that cute flower clip in her hair.  It was amazing that she left it in for nearly 20 minutes.

Here she is, back to adoring her Papa's every move.

 In this shot she was saying something to me.  I'd love to share, but missed out on the translation myself...  One day soon we'll know all her thoughts and then some.  Can't wait.

Out of no where (or maybe the living room), Sabine showed up to adore her Papa right along with her big sister (I might have helped Sabine into position).  Look at Marlo eyeing up that drill.  Normally, she would have been all over it.  I began to wonder if she was stuck on her stair step.  For one so bold, she can be surprisingly tentative, like in progressing out of her particular physical position.

Marlo noticed me again and began to clap.  She loves it when I tell her she is a good girl!  Claps and claps her wee hands together.

Then Sabine looked at the camera, so I had to share.  They look so grown-up, sitting there like little birds on our stair steps.

And then the girls blinked at the same time and naturally, my mad photog skills caught it!

Sabine talking and Marlo showing off her mad clapping skills once more.  This girl loves to clap.

Eventually, Brave and Bold Sabine crawled off to find her bottle,  Marlo just couldn't keep her eyes off Papa.

Or was she really, truly, stuck?

The hanging of the door, after sooooo many years of not having a powder room door, was just so completely riveting, that it completely captured the attention of our 13 month old daughter for like... forever.

But then the door wouldn't shut.

Turns out it's off by a smidge.

We need to buy a band saw now.

So the door will close you know.

A powder room with a door that sorta closes and which has missing panes of see (blink) through (blink, blink) glass, is well, kinda sorta like a powder room with no door.

*Marlo was indeed stuck by the way.  I finally coaxed her to slide off her one stair step onto her padded bum all by herself.  Silly girl.

*I also must confess that it was my idea to reuse this glass paned door.  It used to lead out onto the veranda before we installed the doors in the arches last January.  I couldn't have the house part with them, we have a pair and I hope to think up a home for the second door.  Did I just hear my sweet husband curse my name???  I need some inspiration about the glass and the privacy issues.  Any ideas?

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Zarosky said...

a curtain inside, attached to the door, maybe with a pattern, so the shadows get blurred even when the light is on

and your girls are soooo cute!

Millie Price said...

i like that idea! marlo's polka dot socks are super cute! she's such a cutie pie!

Alissa Nicolau said...

Thanks Zarosky!

Millie - Gymboree baby!