Thursday, December 2, 2010

Got Our Tree!

The unheard of happened.  Cesar had a scout for work this morning in Jersey, and he was home super early!  We packed up the kids and drove to our favorite tree farm

Our family was some sight to behold.  Two adults, three children, a van, a truck, a wagon, and a chainsaw.  We didn't want any tree sap on the new van, you see.  And in record time, we chose a tree, buzzed it down, and loaded everybody, and everything, into our vehicles. 

I should mention that it was very cold.  Bone chilling.  The cold may have helped to speed us all along.

I should also mention that Cesar gave his chainsaw a trial start at home before we left...  He wanted to be sure we wouldn't be stuck up on the tree mountain wondering if our saw would work ever, like we were last year.

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