Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning found Marlo and Sabine playing in our bed around 7 am.  They don't sleep with us.  I repeat, they do not sleep with us, really.  Lately, I'm out of bed so often between the one or the other of them, it feels a bit as though I've been sleep walking from one room to the next.  So, there on our bed, Christmas morning, the four of us waited for Hugo to awaken.  We didn't wait long.  He could smell presents in the air!

Hugo flung open his bedroom door and ran down the staircase.  We waited...  Up the stairs he raced into our room and scrambled up onto our bed to tell his Papa and I, that Santa had come!  He shouted out that Santa had wrapped his presents in a different color from our family gifts!  I was surprised at how patient Hugo was about how lazily we were with getting ourselves up and out of bed.  He waited with us in the nursery, while we changed the girls diapers.  He ran first down the stairs, and waited patiently by the tree.  More like an old dog, vibrating before a soup bone.

It was a dark morning outside.  Papa turned the tree lights on, stoked the fire, and talked about making pancakes.  We found our places on the floor and dug into our stockings and then enjoyed the packages under the tree.  Buddy did his job well, reporting the goings on and all the wish making in our house this past month.  

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Pagan Sphinx said...

Several of the first grade boys in my classroom brought in those remote control dinosaurs for "sharing". When my girls were in early elementary school, Furbies were all the rage - two in the house at a time nearly drove me bonkers! :-D