Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

[The history of most women is] hidden either by silence,
or by flourishes and ornaments
that amount to silence.
Virginia Woolf

I've been a bit troubled lately by some threads of talk which I've found here and there about blogging and the woman behind the blog. Are these women real? Are their intents kind? Are their worlds which are written about and beautifully photographed true? This subject fills me with sadness.

Blogging has so quickly become such a pleasure for me. A happy addiction. I enjoy posting and expanding my blog. Watching with a feeling of contentment as the pages stack up and the months tick by.

I carry my camera everywhere to be on the ready. But, I carried my camera with me everywhere I went long, long before I began to blog. Having my blog as a creative outlet has pushed me as a budding photographer (I can't believe I just referred to myself as a budding photographer). Many blogging women have helped to open my eyes to new possibilities of all sorts of things such as said photography, writing, cooking, crafting, and mothering which all encourage me to develop myself. To push myself. To want more for and of myself.


Millie Price said...

My thoughts exactly!

Lora said...

blogging has sort of been an answer to prayer for me. i've felt stuck in a creative sense for a long, long time. doing the stuff that i do, didn't seem like much, but blogging about it afterward, sharing my process with whoever (maybe nobody!) gives it a whole new dimension that is really satisfying. i'd like to think that it means something to most of us and that these "threads" of talk are just

Ashley said...

Well said Alissa! I definitely need to start carrying my camera around more. I have been very surprised and how much I enjoy blogging, but the most rewarding part has been the great people I've been speaking with and learning how many people share my interests!

s.c.j. said...

I mainly use blogging as a way to keep a journal. I think it will be so satisfying to have your own little history, complete with pictures, compiled all together. A side bonus is getting to meet new and sweet friends such as yourself along the way.

KristyKay said...

I have wholeheartedly, and unexpectedly I might add, enjoyed the blogging experience. I don't know how "fulfilled" I feel about it. Perhaps that part of my life at my age isn't so passionately engaged anymore, but I understand all of your thoughts and feelings about it. Perhaps that is why writing has always been so important to me. Anyhow, I can see it has opened many doors for you and I am glad.