Monday, July 14, 2008

Family of 3 Weekend

I am grateful for my family. My parents, my siblings, all of their children, my in-laws, my husbands vast extended family... Most of all I am grateful for my husband Cesar and our son Hugo. I love our time together. Be it fun filled and busy to the gills or slow and chill playing in the yard and fooling around with our new phones.

We got iPhones!!! this past Friday. Yeah!! I should really almost honor them with their own separate post but, nope. Hugo and I stood outside an AT&T store for 3 hours Friday morning. We were second to last to get the phones before they ran out! I would have died on the spot to wait that long and with a 2yr old mind you, and not have been able to purchase a phone. But I got um! "Whooped em again Josie, whooped em again" are the words I can hear in my head voiced by Cesar from his favorite Clint Eastwood movie - Outlaw Josie Wales. Did you know that my Father once dated Clint's X Sandra Locke? Well he did, so I guess that makes me 2 degrees away from said Mr Eastwood. 2 degrees right? Or does Mr Eastwood himself count? So, I would actually be 3 degrees away from Mr Clint Eastwood? Anyway, we are iPhone people now and loving it . . . well, except for the high AT&T pricing structure. And I am really missing Sprints free evenings after 7pm. AT&T makes you wait till 9pm. Pretty stinky of them if you ask me.

Yes, your eyes have spied correctly. Mr Hugo is wearing his pajamas outside while sitting and gliding through the air in his airplane swing with bug boots covering his feet. It was a Sunday. After his nap I took off his church clothes, we didn't have plans to go anywhere cause we were too busy wanting to play with our new phones (there was a car show in town!) so pajamas I grabbed. After a fabulously delicious dinner of blueberry muffins and fruit salad I went outside to water my garden. The boys followed. Cesar and Hugo walked around and talked and talked. Poor Cesar had to explain and name everything in the yard to our growing Hugo 24,000 times. Once Cesar got him into the swing I couldn't resist stopping what I was doing to run inside and grab my camera. I snapped a few shots for us to share and remember this afternoon by.
We were happy. It was warm and breezy again. The sky looked stormy but no rain appeared until late in the evening. We always plan on relaxing and keeping still but it never seems to work out that way. Something interesting always seems to creep up on us and tempt us off and out. Like the car show.

We were together. We ate. We watched Backyardigans. We read books about a crazy Siamese kitten who thinks he is a Chihuahua. We napped. We talked. We sang songs. We played with cars. We helped each other. We looked at photos from the past. We made plans. We were together.


Roxi and Eprhaim's Family said...

Your hair is awesome Ali! Those little airplane swings are the best! Some of our best family moments are just like this one. Where we just aren't going anywhere or doing much, just hanging out. The kids are so relaxed. Nice.

s.c.j. said...

thank you for your wonderful comment, new friend. your little family seems so charming and love-filled.

mind if i inquire as to who you are and how you came to stumble across my little spot on the www? (always a curious george)

also, thanks for including my artwork in ur sidebar! that was quite a fun surprise! i'm glad you like it!

Lora said...

blogs are awesome! i see you met sammi through the blog world, and you probably found me through her. i haven't even met her, but i'm hopeful because we live in the same town. i can't wait to spend some time looking at your blog! we're friends already, and i like that. thanks for your comment on my blog/life.

lainakay said...

Sounds like a lovely afternoon! Sometimes those impromptu nothing days are the absolute best memories! Love the photos...