Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy, Busy Tuesday

The weather button on my iPhone said it was going to be hot and sunny. I called up the gals with invites for floats, fun and sun at the kiddie pool. We again packed up the cooler and our red wagon and drove into town.

Have I mentioned that this is the year for pool floats??? I swear that every other day some new swim float shows up in the water. And they keep getting bigger and bigger! At first I was a bit embarrassed when I showed up at the pool with our alligator. It was big. It took up swim space. I even pulled it out of the water at one point cause it seemed too big and obnoxious compared to the other little swim rings floating about. Well, now there are crocodiles, dolphins and purple dragons which all cast shadows upon my sweet, little alligator, whale and dolphin floats.

While swimming at the pool, Ruth Ann told us that it was car-load night at the fair. We all buddyed up and organized ourselves with who could squeeze into who's car that night. Hugo was in seventh heaven when he realized that he got to see his friends again later in the evening! He hollered out, "Hi boys! Hi boys!" as he franticly waved his arm while running across the driveway to their van.

Once at the fair, we very quickly realized that everyone who heard that it was car-load night had also buddyed up and squeezed into their cars and vans. There were a whole lot of people and a whole lot of strollers everywhere at this fair. Each ride had forever long lines. I was scared. I kept thinking how glad I was that my girlfriend had lent me a stroller that had locking straps. I wasn't afraid so much that someone might snatch Hugo. I was terrified of him running as fast as he could in the opposite direction from me. He tried. A number of times. Hugo's eyes were giant saucers looking this way and that. He wanted to ride and touch everything. We did sneak up and touch a big green tractor as it idled away while it's owner stood in line for something cold to drink.

Mid way through the second ride (and line) we developed a system. There were three adults, three toddlers, three strollers, three diaper bags, and a baby in our group. As two of us would wrangle the three toddlers, two strollers, two diaper bags and a baby onto a ride (one adult would occasionally need to ride with the toddlers while the other adult stayed behind near the ride exit door with the two strollers, two diaper bags and the baby) the third adult would judge which next ride-line was the shortest and make a run for it with her stroller and diaper bag to hold a place for the rest of us. Normally I can not perform this jumping line type behavior but last night with three toddlers, three strollers, three diaper bags and a baby it was most necessary. I couldn't make eye contact with anyone. Surprisingly, no one yelled at us. Very, very sorry if I jumped in front of you and your patient child. Mine kept hollering, "Turn, turn, turn!"

As we waited in our first line there was some hand holding going on.

This was the Helicopter Ride. The ride man made me climb in too. The kids would have been just fine on their own. Nothing big happened in the helicopter, just flew up and went round and round.

The Merry Go Round

Standing in line.

A train ride.

Car Ride.

My camera was struggling with the setting sunlight and all the movement. Soon after this ride I tucked it away for the night.

Hugo had fun fishing for sharks. He was pretty good. We also went down the giant bumpy slide together. I didn't think much about it from the ground but once up top I was a little frightened. We could see the van where it was parked 5 miles away from up there. Hugo through his arms up into the air and we screamed together all the way to the bottom. Once stopped, he jumped up from my lap and tried to scramble back up the slide. Silly boy. A dragon roller coaster was next. One of the older boys rode with him. I think this ride was a smidge advanced for him. As the dragon coaster passed us I could see Hugo. His face looked not quite anxious, but not real happy either. He was holding tight onto the bar in front of him while his friend had a protective arm around his small shoulder. When the ride ended he got off and then spun around and doubled back into the car. His friend got him back on track to the exit steps where I was waiting. I scooped him up and asked if he had liked the roller coaster. Hugo through his arms up over his head and yelled out, "Yes!" He was ready to go again.

This is the Dizzy Dragon ride. All the kids were interested to ride on this one but we had to wait. The line was always just tooooo long. At the end of our evening we joined up with the Dads and the older kids in our party. It was decided that the Dizzy Dragons would by our parting ride of the night. We watched fireworks as we stood in line. Finally we were able to all climb into the pink Dragon and we spun, spun, spun as fast as we could! Hugo didn't like it. He hollered out, "Momma! Momma!" I reached across the spin dial and two kids over to pull him into my lap. We spun some more. He kept saying Momma and clung to one of my arms but the older boys and I spun that dial round and round, round and round.

As my girlfriend and I pushed our two strollers, two diaper bags, a toddler and a baby through the busy crowd to the exit gate we talked about the lights, sounds, tastes, and teenagers that we spied on all sides of us. We remembered our own teenage days at the fair. We each expressed a desire to return with our husbands - without kids, strollers, and diaper bags. To feel light, young and in love. To have our forever sweethearts win us a giant sized Ninja Turtle as a trophy of their love for us!


Lizzie Bingham said...

This post screams: summer! Our fair is coming up soon and I'm so excited to take Keegan even though he'll sleep through the whole thing... like he does just about everything else. Looks like you two should have great tans... yeah... I'll not comment on the state of my paleness. Great pictures!

lainakay said...

Sounds like a spectacular summer day! Funny, Shaka always tells me she doesn't like carnivals. Good for you getting her to go. I've never been able to...

KristyKay said...

This looks like a fun day. I'm not sure I could have kept up with you for the whole fast did Hugo go to sleep once you left the parking lot? Either of you for that matter!

Shaka said...

it was a fun night
and lainakay, i don't like the cost of carnivals, but for one price we all got in and the kids could ride as much as they wanted. that's a fair i like!

Millie Price said...

I want to go to a fair! It looks like you guys really had a great time!