Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Car Transporting Options

Just want everyone to know that Mr Hugo is still very much in love with his cars. Every single day the car drawer is pulled out and dumped. Dumped across Hugo's bedroom floor, our bedroom floor, the living room floor or the kitchen floor. The dumped out cars are gathered up a few times a day back into the drawer and put away in Hugo's room. Then they venture out again. Sometimes I think they might be escaping the confines of the stacking drawers all on their own, seeking out Hugo's affection.

New ways have been adopted to carry multiple cars around at once. Pockets work but he's moved on from pockets. He uses an old easter basket sometimes. A multi colored hot pink basket given to him by our friend Ms Sheri. A never used Huggies Wipes container was being tried out in these photos. Not his favorite. Too many opening options for Hugo to navigate. Hugo's most common choice for carrying his cars about is one of his bug boots. Yep, his puddle splashin, mud stompin, made for weed wackin wearin bug boot. And both boots are not car worthy at the same time. Just one boot at a time carries his precious cargo. These boots haven't been worn by his feet in awhile because one or the other is never in it's place and when found, is always full of cars.

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