Monday, July 21, 2008

Great Finds

Have I ever mentioned that our Mr Hugo l-o-v-e-s his airplane swing? He says swing now and "peass" for please. Once in the swing all we hear out of him is "Weeeeeeeeeee!" and "Again!" or "More peassss!"

What a great buy I scored in this airplane swing. While in Providence I went shopping at the awesome Savers with my Mother-in-Law when Hugo was small. Much smaller, infant like. I found this swing, his slide, and a brand new rocking horse on that shopping day. I also run, not walk, to the back wall where the books are kept. Can't keep from grabbing up books to add to our collection. People in Providence read super books and donate them to Savers to share with families like ours. Nice.

Oh yes . . . we have reached a stage in life where removing our monkey, fire truck, or in today's case - rocket pajamas, is a tremendous tragedy. Hugo wore his rocket pajamas until late in the day when he woke from his nap. At that time I was able to bate him with swim trunks for the pool and we thankfully had happiness.


Shaka said...

that swing is super fun and being on such loooong ropes makes it even more fun-maybe like being on a real airplane flying high in the sky!!!

Roxi and Eprhaim's Family said...

My kids love those airplane swings too! They are awesome!

s.c.j. said...

Those little toes are just too much! So cute!

Your photography is wonderful. I really do love it.