Monday, July 28, 2008

Odds & Ends

Girls Camp is here and I don't have much time at the moment so here goes my post of odds and ends. Enjoy!

My Mom sent these books to Hugo. Very cute and oh so fun to read aloud! Skippyjon Jones is a Siamese cat who thinks he is a Chihuahua. Since our Chihuahua's think they are a pair of Great Danes, we can relate. By the way, it is essential to use your very best Mexican accent while reading these books. Essential.

I have spied this book all over the place. Millie said it was awesome and that I would love it and needed it. The book inspired her to carve out space in their home for a craft room. She is supposed to be posting photos soon . . . someday soon I hope! I haven't finished reading The Creative Family yet. More to follow on this one.

Puppy dog ears.

Surprisingly, with so little rain, pears are yet developing.

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s.c.j. said...

Those SkippyJones books sound amazing! I'm glad you honor the Mexicana flare as you read.