Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day Off Surprise

Our local kiddie pool is wonderful but... Swim hours are open from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday. I don't think the pool hours are so wonderful.

Last summer we were able to swim as a family on Saturdays. I spoke about this with one of the lifeguards the other day. He told me there wasn't funding in the budget this year to have a lifeguard on duty over the weekend. What a bummer! Very few Dads can visit the kiddie pool during the hours of 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday. I have felt really bad for Cesar and how much fun he is missing out on with Hugo and our pool time fun.

This past week Cesar's work schedule got kinda screwy and wha-la! he had Monday off! What a nice surprise. We had him all packed up and almost pushed out the door when he got a phone call that all work was on hold until Tuesday.

Soooo, I quickly packed up a cooler of snacks, some towels, sunscreen and Hugo's dolphin. We three slipped into our suits + one swim diaper. Into the car we hopped (Hugo hops like a frog, or a "wop" as he calls it, everywhere!) and to the kiddie pool we drove!

Hugo had a slow start with the pool. Normally he has been a jumping in the water fool as soon as I finish rubbin him down with sunscreen. He sorta hung out on the edge and slowly worked his toes into the water. Once Cesar slipped into the pool Hugo was all over him. They had lots of fun together splashing, kicking their legs, digging toys out of the filter and of course - swimming! How nice a surprise day off led to Cesar finally joining in on our kiddie pool fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alissa! Thanks for visiting me over at One Wired Woman. :) I absolutely love your blog. Reminds me alot of my gal pal's blog... The Brown-Eyed Fox. Your son is adorable and I love your photography. I'll be back for sure. :) ~Jill

Anonymous said...

Oh! I forgot!! You had me at Rodrigo... that is the cutest photo and I'm a sucker for stinky asparagus. Too cute & funny!! ~Jill :)

Shaka said...

fun to have dad around! i bet hugo loved that!