Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independence Day

A bar-b-que with the Baptista's began our Independence Day weekend in Providence. Hugo fell in love with Chourizo, a Portuguese sausage made of pork meat and spices.

Hugo spent time with his Tio Raphael. They walked outside around the block together talking about colors and waving at the cars passing by. They ran circles through the house laughing and laughing all the way. Hugo would grab his Tio by the hand and say, "Run!" and they would run once more, round and round in circles. What a fun Tio Hugo has.

Hugo played at frightening his Vovo with a pretend snake made of beads. They also hugged and kissed and played games together.

Hugo loves his cousins outgrown duplo blocks. One of his favorite toys to play with at Vovo's house.

Lots and lots of Papa time! Hugs, bath time, stories, singing, cartoons, cars, peanuts, and much silliness.

New friends came to visit.

Chalk drawings of fish, elephants, boats, the sun, waves, bunnies, pigs and more fish (lots and lots of fish) passed time quickly for our busy little boy.

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Millie Price said...

looks like you guys had a fun weekend....i'm helping mom with her blog as we speak, so i'll post more later.