Friday, July 11, 2008

Raspberry Picking

Our berries are beginning to ripen.
What a nice surprise it was to discover the bonus of having delicious raspberry canes already planted for us on the property when we purchased it. They grow about here and there almost like weeds around the house. Weeds which we love and won't ever complain about. We have shared some of our raspberry plant stock with friends. We have shared the tart and juicy berries with friends, interlopers,
many a rabbit and family. I would
like to one day transplant the canes
in such a way that we can walk
around the bushes to pick more
cleanly. I'm afraid that we leave
many a berry for the birds. I don't
mind feeding the birds, just am a little
greedy and want more for myself and to share. Want all the berries I can
get to eat now, bake, and freeze for
later. Maybe even some raspberry
jam. Haven't tried raspberry jam
yet. Better start looking for a recipe.

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