Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today was not a good day to be a mother of three.  The kids have a strange, crusty eye bug passing from one to the other.  Hugo had it first and I can't quite remember if it reared its ugly head last week Tuesday or Thursday.  I know that it was a Tuesday or Thursday (I'm beginning to think it was Tuesday) and not a Monday, Wednesday or a Friday, because Hugo had Preschool that morning. 

My little boy had climbed into bed with me while I nursed one of the girls, he was happy and sweet as usual and then I got a look at his nasty eye.  It was scary, man.  Kinda swollen and stuck together like with yellow crusty stuff all over his long lashes.  I had really wanted him to go to school that day, I don't remember why though.  After a good scrubbing in the bathroom, he didn't look so bad!  Well, truth be told, the eye was still swollen, just not crusty anymore.  I wondered if I could get away with it.  I wondered if anyone at school had to know.  Then it hit me.  This was not proper mother of a preschooler behavior.  I decided to take him into school and let his teacher decide.  She deemed Hugo to be classroom acceptable.

Hugo's eye cleared up within two or three days but his nights were disturbed with what I think was molar activity.  He told us he had bugs in his ears.  It took me awhile to guess that he had teeth moving about within his gums, but once I slathered on the Oragel he was out like a light.

The girls chins have been drool covered and they've been cramming their entire fists into their mouths so when their temperaments took a nose dive this past Sunday, I thought for sure it was their teeth.  Monday morning Marlo woke up with the crusty eye thing and through the night she had a strange cough which kept me awake.  Now Sabine is crusty. 

Today the teething and eyeball crustyness and the odd cough in the night all combined finally got to me.  It didn't help that the girls had complete diaper failure multiple times throughout the day.  I was the Miss Baptista's personal laundress.  I washed their blankets, sheets, numerous onsies, pants, shirts, socks, the changing pad covers, toys, my own sheets and two clothing changes were required by moi all due to blow outs and stinky baby barf.  It was more than one loads worth in the machines people. 

The pics were all taken at the end of our day on the third floor stairwell.  Don't the girls look happy, normal and clean?!  I wanted a pic of Hugo for this blog post.  Just something simple of his face but the light was disappearing fast and he wouldn't hold still so the images were blurry and I wasn't getting what I thought I wanted... So the below shots are the progression of the stairwell photo shoot with my darling boy Hugo gone wrong, fast.


Lora said...

beeeeautiful children! i love their fresh, happy faces.

KimberlyJ said...

Beautiful girls! Charming and Handsome little boy! I enjoy reading your posts and looking at the pics! My baby is graduating next week. :( Whatever you do, DON'T BLINK!
Kimberly xo