Sunday, May 30, 2010


So many of our photos are taken in my bed 
that I decided to show the kids in their own beds for once. 

The first is of Sweet Sabine, fresh home from church and newly settled in her crib.
Sabine likes her yellow giraffe.  He winds up to play a soft tune
while his head bobs around in a slow circle.  She digs it. 

Second is a pic of Miss Marlo, out cold.
Happily shocked I was, to find her knocked out so quickly.
She was my inspiration to run for the camera!
Notice her Sleep Sheep in the upper left hand corner, what an awesome baby toy.
I give full credit to the Sleep Sheep for helping out little cranky pants to sleep.
She likes to look at him through drousy eyes, as she rolls on her side while sucking on her shoosha. 

Last but not least is Master Hugo tucked snug in his big boy bed.
We had already read a story and I had closed his door behind me to go check on the girls.
After my photo shots of the girls, I knocked on his door and said 
that I needed a photo of him in his bed to match the girls.
He obliged me with a smile, closed his eyes again and passed out!

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