Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bright Eyed Sabine

This past Friday, the girls had their developmental evaluation and they performed all their tricks right on cue.  Marlo and Sabine are 6 months old now, but because of their prematurity at birth, are considered to be 4.5 months.  The girls scores show them to be trending at 4 months of age, not bad at all.  The women were happy with how social the girls are and said that they were beautiful.  We've been ordered to make tummy time a large part of our day.  They also want us to follow through with an ultrasound of Sabine's hips through our doc.  It's her right hip and thigh which pop up a bit when her legs are together and stretched out in front of her.  We see the girls doc next Friday.

I found Sabine this morning with her shoosha in her mouth and her thumb in the shoosha hole, sucking away.  Both girls have found their thumbs.  They like sucking on their shooshas, fingers, thumbs and sometimes I find their entire hand stuck in their mouths! 

Thank heavens Marlo has finally allowed herself to nap.  She is a brand new girl with daytime sleep and I am a better Momma for it.

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Maggie May said...

What pretty pics, Ali!! The first one is the best--2 pairs of beautiful blue eyes. (Ok, so why did I end up with brown... huh?)