Monday, May 31, 2010


How sweet are they?!  I so look forward to watching these girls grow and witness all the special twin-ness happen between them.  Already, they're baby time has been very different from Hugo's.  I did know it would be different.  Just wasn't prepared for how truly different it is.   The change in Hugo progressing from only child to big brother of two little girls has been marvelous to behold.  He hasn't missed a beat.  Not one single, crazy Hugo beat!  Jumping from two people to three, was huge.  It was something which Cesar and I had craved after for such a long time, but my goodness...  Jumping from three to five is major!  Sometimes, I feel like we cheated.  It's a funny thing how infertility can mess with your brain.  Our girls are perfect.  We are so very, very blessed.  We are 5 now.

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