Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Sunday

Cesar and Hugo were busy, busy chopping down trees in the late afternoon.  The day was warm and sunny with the beginnings of "skeetos" buzzing about in the air.  Wherever Cesar went this past weekend, Hugo was sure to follow.  He wanted his Papa to help him with every-thing.  No Momma's allowed on the weekend.  I'm lucky to steal a smooch here and there from my little son when Papa is around.

We went to a bowling birthday party for one of Hugo's classmates.  We discovered that Hugo is quite the bowler.  The lanes were fixed with bumper guards to avoid gutter balls and your average preschooler style tantrum.  Cool metal ramps were in place for the kids to place their balls upon, take aim and make a big heave ho of the bowling ball towards the waiting pins.  Hugo quickly figured out that he could moved the ramp from left to right guiding his ball to better smack the pins to the floor.  He got one strike.  Look out Cowboy X!  We'll have to practice before we see you this summer!

Cesar swapped out the much loved airplane swing for a big boy swing.  Hugo likes it a lot but I wonder what our little friends will think when they come to play...

These are some of Hugo's collections which he keeps near the front door.  The rocks and their positions change and I've enjoyed keeping a silent eye on them.  These arrangements remind me of my Dad's artifact collections.  I doubt that Hugo can remember seeing them at Popeye's house.  Maybe he is imitating something he saw on the television.  Anyhow they remind me of my Dad.

Miss Sabine has found her toes.  Marlo hasn't a clue that she has any toes.

Miss Marlo is still enamored with blowing raspberries.
"Raspberries.... ?" says Sabine.

Marlo has begun to teethe.  
I love how Sabine looks at her sister here.  Is this the beginning of concern and love for her twin?

The tears didn't last long!

Papa love.

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Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

Hello Ali...I am glad you are still blogging. It is so fun to see all of your photos! Those babies are so sweet! We will have to take Hugo and Owen bowling sometime. Owen loves it too! Your yard looks so beautiful! I wish we could visit!