Friday, May 21, 2010

6 Month Well Baby

We had what I thought was a Well Baby check-up today but were surprised when it turned out to only be a nurse visit.  I was very disappointed.  The nurse was all set to give each of our girls three shots and then we were to get the boot out the door.  I had questions!  I had an entire list of things I needed to talk about!  This past month has been chock full of doctor visits with the developmental peds doc, Early Intervention ladies and the plastic surgeon for Sabine.  When I balked at the appointment being only a nurse visit, I was told that our doctor was booked for the day, that I should make an appointment for the following week.  Hmmm.  I asked if she could call me because I didn't want to make the copay for a second visit which in my mind, should have all taken place today.  They told me that I had a credit which would cover today's visit so I'd only need to pay the copay when I next come in.  This did not sit well with me.  I need to call the insurance company and find out what the office has billed for doctor visits and what they've billed as nurse visits.  Who wants a nurse visit with 6 month olds?  I need the doc to okay the ultrasound for Sabine's hip asap so the developmental peds will have the results before our next appointment in July.  Does our doc even have a copy of developmental peds findings on the girls?  Does she know that they've recommended Sabine to have the ultrasound?  Plus, the girls have crusty eyes, Tylenol has been recalled, Sabine needs to have her birthmark sliced and diced in 4 - 6 months...  I had a list of questions I tell you.  While the nurse slipped away to ready the girls shots, I striped them of their dresses and weighed them myself. 

Marlo - 13 lb. 2 oz.
Sabine - 12 lb. 7 oz.
The gap is closing.


Maggie May said...

hi ali, love you too! :) (change your song,maybe?)

Lora said...

seriously, those babygirls make me melt!! and hugo, what an awesome little man!

sorry about your frustrations with the doctors office. NOT cool. persist until you are satisfied. it's your right as a patient.

did i understand you correctly that cesar worked on eat, pray, love?! this is not just casual information ali, this is HUGE!!!! now, i sort-of-know somebody who has met my favorite actress of all time! awesome.

have a good week!