Sunday, May 2, 2010

Adobo, Malotov And A Backpack

When Annabelle called to say they were driving up from Baltimore for a visit, she asked what I might like from Maryland.  Adobo!  I told her she needed to make me some of her tasty adobo while she was here, and she did.  I dialed up Momsha for her Malotov recipe, again.  I wrote it down in my book this time!  So, Belle and I spent the morning cooking away in the kitchen for our afternoon farewell lunch.

While playing Lego Batman, Mike told Hugo they were leaving today.  Hugo asked if he could go home with them and Mike said "sure" to the cling-on kid.  Hugo told Mike not to move, that he was going to get his backpack.  We all thought he was so cute and laughed at the flash that ran up the stairs.  Not soon after, he was back with his pack and informed Mike that he was ready and had all his jammies in his bag!

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