Monday, October 12, 2009

Visitors With A Camper

My mother-in-law Carolina has been itching for one of these vans for years now. She finally made the big purchase and this past weekend was our first chance to see it. Carolina and Jose have a few small trips under their camper van traveling belt, such as: Niagra Falls, John Adams birthplace and now, a driveway in the picturesque Catskills of upstate New York.

Hugo freaked out with happiness upon their arrival. He was h-y-p-e-r hyper, with a capital H mind you, all day long yesterday. He dragged poor Vovo from play thing to play thing out in the yard and once in the house, from room to room in search of his favorite objects in which to show off and share. After dinner they made off for Hugo's bedroom hand in hand. I think Vovo was made to read nearly every book Hugo owns. Vovo finally returned downstairs to tell me that he thought Hugo was tired and had been crawling under his sheets as his stories were read. As I walked up the stairs I noticed Vovo making a stealthy bee line for the camper outside, we didn't see hide nor hair of him the rest of the night. Pooped out the poor man was! As was Hugo, he passed out in 2 seconds after I turned off his light. Hip, hip hooray for Vovo! Woo hoo!

Hugo climbed up on Vovo's lap with zero hesitation and little invitation. He wanted to share the fun of his Backyardigan's game with everyone. Hugo also assembled his puzzles one after the next for his grandparent audience. He showed off his counting skills in both English and Spanish and played preschool games on my iPhone, including a learn to speak Chinese for kids. He was also loud, bossy, messy, neglected all form of table manners and begged like a puppy dog for lollipops.

Our weekend visit was over before we knew it. Short and sweet but very much appreciated and enjoyed. Kisses were shared by all and words were spoken of our not seeing one another again possibly until the girls arrival. Will they arrive before Thanksgiving? After? At the end of November? Not until my mid December due date?? Who knows. Hugo would say, "It not big deal Mom." And he's right. The holidays are sorta on a pause/hold button in this household. It's no big deal.

Cesar had energy to burn and decided to get a jump on all the pine needle raking. Hugo helped gather the piles and watched as Papa made a bonfire where Vovo's camper van had been parked. Fall is in full swing now and we three need to get a move on with the yard, buttonuping the house, and completing the nursery. The room did progress this past week but, it has been a slow progression to say the least. I'm getting excited though! Little girls are coming...

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Millie Price said...

I can smell your bon fire from here! Sounds like a fun weekend.