Friday, October 9, 2009


Hugo is down for the night. Rodrigo is sleeping inside his doggy cave. Evie is outside. Cesar is yet working and I am sitting here, starring into the computer screen. I'm feeling like the Tompten counting all my chicks snuggled deep into their night time nests.

The weather outside was miserable looking today. We didn't step a foot outdoors. Dark, gray skies with patches of drizzly rain covered the sky. The house was quiet and warm. Hugo played games on his Leapster 2, we worked on his ABC's and put a few puzzles together. We read lots of books. I stuffed birds for the girls mobiles. Hugo tried to sneak off with a few of the birds. I think his old fish mobile needs an update. We ate warm treats. Grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken noodle soup and hot cocoa with cream were on the days menu. We talked with Vovo, Vovi, Grandma Kris and Popeye on the phone. We were quiet. We didn't step a foot outdoors.

I thought about the babies in my tummy. How in no time at all they'll be out in the world with us. How things in our house will be very different. It's gonna be kinda noisy. Maybe not so much at first. It will be noisy down the road. I can remember being in the house before we had children, wondering what it would sound like to have kids racing down the stairs and all through the rooms. I had wondered and now it's happening.

I have been remembering those early nursing nights with our baby Hugo. I remember how my body would awake me just before Hugo would begin to cry. How I looked forward to wrapping a shawl about my arms as I walked down the hall to nurse him those chilly spring nights. My mom had me prepare snacks for the side table and a glass of water to finish off while my baby nursed. I read softcover books to keep myself awake during that peaceful, middle of the night time. After tucking Hugo into his crib I would walk about the upstairs checking on the dogs, my sleeping mother in the guest room and my sleeping husband in our comfy bed. I really liked that alone time late, late at night in my sleeping house. That was the first time I felt like the Tompten.


Millie Price said...

I want to see your mobile, you'll have to post pics up when you've finished. My kids love the tompten books btw!!

KristyKay said...

Sounds like you're getting nesting pains. It's nice to be the "mama" isn't it. Soon you'll realize that you've somehow developed supersonic hearing and sense things aren't right within a three block area! Who says mom's aren't "super-heros" ? Want me to make you a cape? (Remember Taylor's little tiny temp. Superman "S" tatoo? That was hilarious!!)