Wednesday, October 7, 2009

30 Weeks

This first half of the week has been full of doctor visits and tests. We've learned that my blood is negative for a certain antibody but the docs suspect that Cesar might be positive. This was not an issue during my pregnancy with Hugo so it's all a big surprise. Through further blood tests it has been determined that these levels in my blood are rising, causing some concern. An ultrasound was ordered for yesterday morning. It showed the blood flow within the girls umbilical cords and brains to look normal at this time. What may happen is that these two areas of their bodies might begin to suck up their blood and cause the girls (one or possibly both) to become anemic. If this happens, the babies will have to come out early.

We might not have to worry. This past Monday, Cesar had his blood drawn to find out if he is negative to this antibody like me, or positive. If he is negative, we can cancel the next scheduled ultrasound and move on with our nice, quiet pregnancy. On the other hand, if Cesar is positive, well, we'll just deal with all that that entails when the time comes. Today the Doc told me the lab ran Cesar's test incorrectly. They have enough of his sample left to redo the test and hopefully the results will be in tomorrow or Friday.

I've learned that identifying a problem with this antibody is relatively new within the past few years. It's hard for me to wrap my brain fully around the doctors words. I keep getting biology lessons from them, each spinning blood types, antigens and genes in a different way trying to explain it to me but um, the info isn't sticking. I hope this means that my subconscious knows that all will be well and that I shouldn't worry. Not that I'm acting the part of an ostrich with my head buried in a deep hole in the ground.

p.s. - Baby A is weighing in at 3.7lbs and Baby B at 4.2lbs. The doc told me today that these early weights are about 85% accurate. We shall see. I can tell you that the girls feel like they weigh a lot. Like a ton. Each.


Audra said...

I'll be praying for you, and your girls Ali! Sounds kinda scary all the "what ifs", but until you know for sure just try not to stress. I'm sure much easier said than done. Your belly picture is AMAZING-on all levels! :) We'll be checking in on you soon, so please post when you hear some news. Stay strong Mama. Thinking of you always.

Maggie May said...

whoa...... All I have to say is, you HAVE to be having them early. But then, I remember skinny little Sis. Staples used to get really big in her jumper too. So...?