Tuesday, October 20, 2009

32 Weeks

How 's this shot for roundness sakes?!

I had some doc appointments today and received some disquieting information. First, I had a stress test which was interesting but not a big deal. The girls heart rates are strong, their movements - a lot. The test also showed that my belly experienced a contraction or two which I didn't feel. No problem. I was given the flu shot and told that if I wished, the H1N1 shot would be available in their office next week. I was afraid the shot would hurt, it didn't! Chicken me. I have weekly appointments scheduled from here on out.

My second doc visit, over at the fancy pants ultrasound place, was a bit different. This was a follow up visit to monitor the blood flow in the girls umbilical cords and brains. The scans showed that Baby A has diminished blood flow compared from two weeks ago. This was not what I expected to hear. I thought for sure that all the numbers would be the same and they'd ask me to return in another two weeks. So, I'm driving back up this Friday morning. I had blood drawn earlier today to check my antibody levels, hopefully the information will be ready for the docs on Friday, hopefully. Who knows tho, with my luck, on Friday they'll tell me that the pieces of the puzzle still aren't adding up and I simply need to return next week to be monitored once more. The doc was confused you see. He said that all the other info on the babies is positive. They appear to be very healthy and this was not a problem in my previous pregnancy. Why is this happening now?

I was frozen on the table with my belly full of slime and a giant piece of paper shoved into and over my leggings. What? What, what, what? Was all my brain could utter.

I feel like I don't know what is happening. The doc told me that normally Baby A would need a blood transfusion - while she's inside me, mind you. Pretty freaky. Would I be put under? What if Baby B gets real squirmy and is poked by the needle? She is the squirmy one of the two. How do they administer the transfusion? Through the umbilical cord? Where will the blood come from? I've got some questions forming quite the que at the moment.

The doc also explained that since I am 32 weeks and the babes have been measuring at such healthy weights that they might just take them out early. Okay. Like, how early? This weekend early? How quick can I book an air ticket for my Mom? How long will they need to be in the hospital? What about their lung development? What about their ability to suck? What about the fact that I'm not ready. Well, I could be. I don't want them in my belly forever but, this seems early. I've got some sewing to do. I've got more house cleaning to do.

I've got questions for the Friday morning docs.

Last night I received a blessing from the Bishop and Bro Webster while at church for Young Women's. It was beautiful and calming for me. I know that all will end well. I just don't know about the in between part.

This last shot is for my sister Maggie who has been searching for signs of fall in northern California. Miss you Mags.


herzensart said...

I wish everything "in between" will be well for all of you as well!!!

Audra said...

That belly shot is nothing short of AMAZING!! :)