Friday, January 14, 2011

Teeth, Allergies, & Dressing

 Sabine is working on her first pair of upper molars.  Their pointy peaks have broken through the skin, all other obvious signs of tooth progression have stalled.  The poor thing has been clingy and snot laden. 

Marlo I believe, had a little allergic reaction to our dinner last night.  I think it was the pasta sauce, but am not sure.  I gave the girls chopped, fresh tomato with their lunch.  It was probably the 5th time Marlo has eaten fresh tomato.  Sabine wont touch her tomatoes, hasn't even tried them.  She drops them to the floor with a Marie Antoinette sort of expression on her face, Let Them Eat Cake!  For dinner, Hugo and I made meatballs to accompany our tortellini and green beans.  Marlo gobbled up her dinner.  We are lucky that she is such a good eater. 

After Marlo's bath, I rubbed lavender scented lotion into her skin, that's when I noticed it.  She had an odd redness in her cheeks and what looked like a bug bite between her eyebrows.  I have to admit, that being caught up in the momentum of the bedtime routine as I was, I shrugged off these signs. 

This morning I noticed that bug bite was no more and the redness was mostly gone.  It was at that moment that the possibility of her having an allergic reaction to her dinner crossed my mind.  Could it have been the tomatoes?  She's had sauce before and I've not noticed anything like this.  I can't think of what else would have been a new food yesterday, besides the fresh tomato.

Hugo has been dragging his feet in the mornings.  Since Christmas break, he hasn't wanted to go to school.  During the time it takes me to dress one sister of his, and then the other sister, and finally myself, Hugo has jumped around on one leg from room to room with excuses, stories, toys in hand, and every possible delay he can think of.  He wants me to dress him or count to see how fast he can dress himself.  The other morning I counted, very slowly mind you, up to 156 as he dressed himself bouncing between the nursery and his own room.  This is the most stress I've encountered in my entire life. 

I've included a photo of Sabine standing in this post.  Sadly, neither of the girls are walking yet.  They do stand on their own, especially while distracted with a toy in their hands.  They will also take a few unassisted steps when I prod them.  I hope that sometime between today, and the end of February, they'll have the confidence to launch out and away from the furniture and be off.  I want them to wear their darling dresses and end the wear to the knees of their pants! 

Yes!  End the Wear and Tear to the Knees of your Pants my darling Girls!  Love, Mom

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Piques said...

Gina had a reaction to what I thought was a jar of baby plums and I have not had the strength to give her any stone fruit since. Allergies scare the bejeebies out of me! The doctor told me that allergies were like Russian Roulette. The reactions can be minor or even dormant 100 times in a row. But then BAM! full attack on 101. It didn't help that around this same time, a lady at Alistairs work nearly died from a nut allergy that happened in just that way.

Perhaps this was not the response you were hoping for ...

Alissa Nicolau said...

I think I need to bring this question to my doctor. The girls are fine, but they continue to have this odd flushing in their cheeks at such odd times. The redness appears even after smooching the girls and wrestling a bit. Very, very strange. No more bug bite tile bumps thank heavens. No tomatoes either.