Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Slide In The House

Cesar brought the slide from outside in the yard, into our living room.  Hugo, his friends, and both our girls are so glad that they have such smart parents.   Hee, hee, hee!  Marlo has bailed over the side head first once already.  Neither of the girls realizes what the slide is actually for.  They haven't found much enjoyment in the act of sliding down the slide on their keesters.  We'll see how long the love affair of a slide in our living room lasts.  For now, we have a multicolored fortress for the girls to explore indoors.

p.s. Sabine was still napping while I snapped these shots of Miss Marlo.

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Millie Price said...

she's so cute! she looks so much like you as a baby

laina kay said...

We've been known on occasion to bring the big plastic slide in from the outdoors. It's a novelty and the kids adore it for a couple weeks and then it makes it's way back to the great outdoors.

Loving Miss Marlo's sweet smocked blouse. Pretty.