Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Rec Center

Hugo's school was finally open today.  I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it.  I wanted him to go and yet, it has been nice having him home, and truth be told, I've liked not having to run, run, run in the morning.  But, today was Thursday and Thursdays are the new Playdate Friday with the gals from Church, and I knew everyone would be meeting at The Rec this morning.  I couldn't tell Hugo that a trip to The Rec was the plan for the girls, I'd have no hopes of getting him to class on time!   I announced that all our morning lollygagging was over with and we had to get serious about dressing so we wouldn't be late for school.  Hugo piped up that he didn't want to go to school.  I told him that was fine, he could help me while I ran errands with the girls then.  No errands for me whirled through Hugo's brain.  He asked if he could bring his airplane to class for show and tell.

The girls and I drove over frosted, snowy streets and past silver coated trees on our adventure to The Rec Center.  It was a most wonderous drive for my eyes to behold.  I felt almost like Laura in Dr. Zhivago.  I was in great need of a fairy godmother who would turn my van into a sleigh, my parka into a yummy fur, one of the girls into Omar Sharif, and The Rec into a snow palace.  Blink, blink, blink flashed the lights of the approaching toll booths and my dream went *poof*!

The girls didn't know what to make of The Rec for the first 20 minutes we were there.  They sat and observed all the goings on in front of them while not moving one inch.  Finally they ventured off.  Before I knew it, Marlo was off in one direction and I had to hunt to find Sabine!  They were in heaven just like Hugo had been years ago. 

A special part of our time at The Rec today, was that Sabine gave up the use of the baby walkers for the red ride on toy in the above photos.  It is the same toy I photographed Hugo riding on once upon a time, which has become a family favorite.

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