Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Peter Pan #2

During Hugo's bedtime routine last night, he suddenly burst out with a new twist to his before he was born story for me.  Today I phoned up my Dad and was in the midst of relaying Hugo's new twist to the story, when Hugo interrupted and began to correct me on the details. I've asked the little man himself to repeat his tale for me here so we can read it over and over again.

"I was up in the night sky because I was looking in every house for a Mom that didn't have any boys or girls. But all the Moms already had boys and girls. Then I found a brick house and I saw a Mom that didn't have any boys or girls. Then I looked in a window and I saw a room that was painted and it had lots of toys and books. I was sneaking around so that no body saw me. Because if they did... I'd have to hide. I saw one Mom and a work place with a black truck coming this way, to the red brick house. It had a Papa in it, and some gum."

Hugo Augustus Nicolau Baptista
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Rogue Woman said...

What a beautiful story. This is something you can treasure forever. Priceless!