Monday, January 10, 2011

Heart Hat

My fingers have been itching to knit again with the discovery of a few blogs full of knitting goodness.   My desire to knit has been rekindled!  Over the weekend I knit up this new heart hat, it is a gift for Hugo's little friend Amy.  Now I need to get busy and make a second hat, exactly the same mind you, for Amy's little sister Hannah.  Oh, and Hugo wants one with stars instead of hearts.  He tried this heart hat on for me for all of a whopping 2 seconds due to the fact that it was a "girl" hat.  Silly boy.  I love that he wants me to knit for him. 

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Lora said...

Ali-this is fantastic!!! You are SO talented. Love your creations.

Rogue Woman said...

Love it, adore it, I want one. You are so creative!

Piques said...

That is the cutest! And I have that same fabric! Walmart - opposite ends of the continent - same products.

laina kay said...

Hey Alissa!
That hat is adorable. Hugo's little friend will love it! What little girl doesn't love a dangly puffy heart☺

The new photos on your sidebar are great, btw.

laina kay said...

P.S. Do you ever teach knitting? What's the best way to learn... a class, a book? I was just thinking last night, after reading this post and now the feeling has been reinforced in seeing your adorable hat, that I'd really love to learn to knit. I learned some very basic crochet from a friend in college but have never gone on much from there. I love having something to do with my hands and it seems the perfect thing to do while watching movies, riding in the car, sitting in class at church (is that rude?). And the supplies are so portable, needles and yarn... no glue, no papery scraps, no toolboxes full of accoutrement. Sorry, this is a loooong post script. Wrapping it up now. Thanks!

Alissa Nicolau said...

Thanks for love notes regarding the heart hat! I was a little nervous putting it out there, your feedback helped.

Laina Kay, if you drive here, I'll teach you to knit! We could have a sleepover and hopefully make Shaka miss us lots!

You can learn to knit from a book, I think it depends on your personal style of learning. I'd advise a class to give you a push in the right direction and then follow up with a good book of skills. If and when you're serious, I will gladly email you a list of book options. Oh! And we could do a yarn crawl through the City! Remember when I dragged you into my old job!?