Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gadgets of Interest

Sabine is fascinated by Hugo's Leapster and the iPad.  As soon as she spots Hugo playing with either device *presto* she is by his side.  For the most part he doesn't mind.  She is a polite backseat viewer.  She rarely ever grabs for the screen or stylus and she is patient and quiet.

Marlo wants to eat the Leapster and the iPad.

Hugo zipped his own jacket this morning.  It was awesome.

p.s. Hugo wants me to add something...

If you love one girl, that means you love two girls.  I sometimes just like Sabine.  Sometimes Marlo hits me.  And when I'm sitting in the chair and when I'm in Momma's bed, she hits me.  Well, then, I love soldiers from Popeye and the new Indians and canon and the trucks under my bed and the wood truck, it doesn't go under my bed, are my favorite.  At night I scrub Sabine's head too. (He helps me wash their hair - kinda).  I think I'm done. 
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Maggie said...

I like what you did with the picture--it's cool. And the twins personality differences are adorable.