Monday, June 20, 2011

Cousin Mania

Day two of ten children under the age of ten all in one house, went very well.  They played video games, climbed the pine tree, ogled the pine snake Uncle Cesar caught, the girlies are loving cousin Addi, but aren't so sure of all the squeezing and carrying around type of love Miss Emry is dishing out, Lucas even ventured out to learn how to catch snakes from Uncle Cesar, the kids had a water balloon and silly string fight - with teams, Luke and Cameron were the team captains, and it was my birthday.  Cesar gave me roses and the cutest stacking geese measuring cups.  Cesar also ventured out extra early to scout out the goodies at the man's mall, Fleet Farm.  Josh was miffed that Cesar didn't wait for him to wake!

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KimberlyJ said...

that last photo is a keeper. cute.