Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hugo + Olivia

After school today, Hugo excitedly informed me that he gave directions to our house to his little friend Olivia.  In one ear and out the next, this piece of information hurried.  Throughout the rest of the day, Hugo made little comments about Olivia.  Olivia this, Olivia that, no big deal.  Around dinner time, all exasperated like, he finally let out, "MooOoomm, when is Olivia gonna get here?!"  I just looked at him and tried my best to not laugh as bells went off in my head.  It hit me that he had been expecting little Olivia to walk through our door, all afternoon!  Poor thing.  I do have Olivia's mother's telephone number, I suppose I best use it!


KimberlyJ said...

wow! I don't know how you do it. Those girls look like they keep you moving all day long! I really enjoy your photos... I can't say that enough. The kids are gorgeous! Hugo is going to be quite the heartbreaker!

Fatchiyah Rizky said...

your daughter is very cute :)