Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Popeye's Fireworks

Papa flew home today.  We had breakfast together and then Popeye drove him into town to catch the shuttle to the airport.  We were all sad.  Well, honestly... I'm not so sure Hugo, or the girls, have had much time to notice his absence with all the goings on happening here.  This is a busy place!  Arms are at the ready to scoop up Marlo and Sabine to squeeze their warm little bodies and to beg for kisses.  Toddler kisses are the best!  Okay, clean faced toddler kisses are the best!  Hugo barely slows his pace to make eye contact with me, let alone spend any time longer than a meal at my side.  I miss Papa.

Just before bedtime, Popeye decided that a round of sparklers and fireworks were due.  The kids bounced around like pogo sticks with excitement, 8 hyper pogo sticks.  Luckily, no injuries occurred, just lots and lots of smiles. After the last of the sparks flew, movie time was declared and the kids raced to the waiting couches in the living room.

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