Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Day After

The wedding which we all hoped and prayed for, and waited and planned for is behind us now.  Millie and her crew crashed our hotel room last night for a cousin party.  They bounced on beds and begged for pizza and soda pop.  The adults decided that we'd sleep in and who ever woke first would text the other so that we could caravan the 5 hours up north together.  Lucas rode up with us, he played zombies with Hugo on the iPad the entire way.  Poor Millie listened to Barbie Princess sing-a-longs all the way home!  Two vans = 3 adults, 6 children.  Mid-afternoon we arrived and scattered about Popeye's house and yard to stretch our weary travel bones.  The family count made a large jump after dinner - 7 adults, 10 children.  And the 10 children ranged in age from 10 to 19 months.  It was a lively bunch!

My mother had only two requests for what I was to bring to the wedding and her house, 1. no vintage at the wedding for me and 2. I must bring the high chairs for the girls.  I tried my best to comply.  Cesar grunted, groaned, and sputtered as he folded up the high chairs and packed them into the van, they just fit.  I did not wear vintage to the wedding, but I couldn't quite help myself from packing one lovely pink dress that I hope to wear in photos with the kids.  Marlo might be in Grandma Kris's pack about the vintage, as she ripped the cuff half off my dress as it hung next to her car seat on our long drive west, I hope I can fix it!

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