Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tree Forts


Josh and Kristene left for their home in Utah late this evening.  They had hoped to buy more furniture at the auction tonight, only to discover that the auction is actually scheduled for the following Thursday evening.  Millie and I had stayed home to watch the short troops and were pleasantly surprised be the early arrival of Josh, Kristene, Mom, and Dad.  We helped out as Josh loaded his trailer with antiques for his store.  Furniture needed wrapping and children needed coralling. 

Tonight I heard Kade sing the chorus to Somewhere Over The Rainbow and it about melted my heart... till he dropped a stone on my toe.

Marlo and Sabine are sad to see sweet Addi leave.  I'm thinking mother's helper for next summer!  The ticket will be in the mail Kristene!!

And the girls discovered that they can climb the ladder up the tree fort all on their own.  Lovely.  I had been so excited about the fenced yard till that moment...  Just a mom, looking for a break here or there.

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KimberlyJ said...

Those skull and crossbones boots are great! Heidi would probably want to add a pair of those to her wardrobe. :)

Beautiful chairs!