Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wee Sized Sunglasses

Sabine has been snitching my sunglasses, from their pocket in the van, every chance she gets.  She opens and closes them and holds them up to her eyes while she glances up at me and smiles.  She knows I don't want her to have them, so of course, the sunglasses have become that much more appealing to her.  After dropping Hugo off at his preschool this morning we drove through the rain to the mall, where I remembered seeing some Hello Kitty sunglasses in just the right size for my girls.

I didn't want to mess with the stroller, wanted this to be an in and out type of stop, so I carried the girls to the waiting mall doors.  I held each girls hand, on either side of me, and we walked down the long hallways of the mall.  We were quite the site.  I found myself pretending to be interested in window displays to not have to smile and laugh and make small talk with each passing person.  Everyone loves the girls raincoats.  I like them too, but my goodness!  They are raincoats people!  They just happen to be pretty raincoats on two very short people!  Please don't get me wrong, we received lots of nice compliments, but sometimes, I just want to walk with the girls and well, just walk. 

Once the glasses were purchased Sabine was not so interested in her new glasses!  Marlo on the other hand, refused to take them off.  She made the return trip out of the mall with her new glasses planted on her face.  An older gentleman stopped us and said he felt like he needed to ask for her autograph.  She gave up no expression for the nice man.  She was just Marlo.  The quiet Marlo who appears around strangers.  It made her seem all the more mysterious with her eyeballs obscured from view.  Two seconds after being buckled into their car seats we were back on the road with the rain drizzling down and the girls were fast asleep.  Since Marlo was yet wearing her sunglasses, I only new she was passed out by the way lips puckered and then drooped into a cheerio.

p.s. Hugo's backpack has been worn the past few days as he has developed an army fascination.  I'll have to post about all the trinkets he keeps inside his bag.

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