Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Things

One of my favorite parts of sharing my living space with small children might surprise some people.  I love finding the toys strewn about the house!  Well, not all the time.  The mess of toys and dumped kitchen cupboards can be annoying, but mostly when I'm in a rush, or when I've just finished cleaning that room, or why do I even bother to keep the diaper bag packed and ready to go when it happens to be both girls favorite search and dump site?  I do find joy, real happiness even, in discovering the trail of dropped and discarded toys and found objects stretching from my bedside table to out my bedroom door and down the hall and around the corner and on into the girls closet where they've made a clubhouse with their big brother Hugo.  This might be a symptom of not having children for so long.  The sight of mini socks stuffed into heart shaped purses, the crunch of Cheerios at the bottom of my rain boots, and the site of chucked pillows and Hello Kitties out of cribs each and every morning and nap time, all tell me that the girls are happy, moving, discovering, exploring, and learning. 

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