Monday, May 2, 2011

New Words

Marlo and Sabine are beginning to talk.  We have a developmental peds appointment scheduled mid month and I am curious as to what they'll think of the girls speech progress.  In my opinion, everything is fine, just a tad slow.  Today was a good day, a talking leap forward day.

Marlo's Words - uh oh, Ma (occasionally I'll hear a Mama), sock, shoe, shoosha, and today no, no, no was heard along with Papa, loud and clear.

Sabine's Words - uh oh, Ma and Mama, and today... Papa.  Sorry you weren't here Hun!

Hugo's Words - He still calls yogurt, yogrit.  We're working on it.


rubytubes said...

i don't know what i like better about your first photo...cute sabine...or those flowers on your tree!! I hope spring finds me soon!!!!!!!

Millie Price said...

so annoying when it does that...i don't know how to change it. that's my name if i use my clickmillieclick email??? how do i change that??