Friday, May 20, 2011


The girls are practicing their list of words randomly throughout the day now.  They're like little parrots, copying and mimicing what we do.  Their favorite words are - no, Papa, thank you, sock, shoosha, shoe, and we're working on boot.  Once the girls figure out that we are heading outside, all I have to do is ask them to sit, and I only need to ask once, and they'll drop to the floor on their wee bums with hands clasped in their laps and wait patiently for me to help them pull on their boots.  Makes me remember Hugo and his first camo boots, oh how he loved them.  This also reminds me of our hurry up so we're not late for school, out the door routine this morning.  The children were sitting together, three on a step.  I helped Hugo to pull on his high tops and tied his laces in double knots while the girls watched.  Then I turned to the next child on the step, who happened to be Marlo, I pulled on her boots.  I slid to the right again to assist Sabine by pulling on her boots.  From behind me pops out sweet Marlo, who was holding both of my green garden shoes out for me.  She realized that I did not have my shoes on and she wanted to help.  Filled my heart with love, she did.

I weeded the upper and lower parts of our driveway, took me two days.  I also baked garlic bread for dinner.  It was yummy!

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