Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Surprise Pics

 I was happily surprised to discover these photos on my phone tonight.  The one where I am twirling Miss Marlo around in circles, was taken my big brother Hugo.  I just love how the girls look like bug children with their double front pig tails! 

New words were heard today, Marlo said kitty and Sabine said thank you.  It was a baby version of thank you, and she was simply copying my saying thank you to her, but I heard it just the same.  She now repeats it whenever I ask.  Oh, and Marlo mooooed like a cow!



 Master Hugo


Audra said...

Love color setting on your camera makes these pictures look like they were set in the '60's or 70's! Love all the pictures and stories you post. Happy Spring-it's finally arrived!! :)

Millie Price said...

i am in love with all these photos!!! i love that app! if i ever see sunshine again i'll have to whip it out! i especially love the first pic of sabine, she looks beautiful!!!