Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Date

Our day was full with lawn mowing, a friends birthday party for Hugo, and a date for Cesar and I.   I think I vibrated all day long as I counted down the hours to our date night.  And boy was there a lot to do to have the house and children ready for the sitter.  Whew!!  We are waaaaay out of practice in the date department.  (Sssshhh!  This past February marked two years since our last evening out, without children.  Can you believe that??  Me neither!)  How did the date come about?  I texted Cesar Friday afternoon, informing him that he was taking me to dinner and a movie Saturday night and gave him a choice between 3 sitters for the kids.  I even pulled off the wall, a long overdue gift certificate for dinner which we received when we purchased the van, back in 7/09!  When I called to make reservations, the gal had to check with the owners to see if our certificate was still good.  Dinner was delicious and beautiful and then I made Cesar suffer through the movie Water For Elephants.  It was a wonderful night. 

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hi! my name is Lora. said...

I'm so glad you went on a date!! Way to go. And seriously, did you buy the van two years ago, aleady? Sheesh!!