Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Talking Fabric

Over the river and through the fog I drove to a girlfriends house to talk fabric.  Eunmi's second child will be born this coming Christmas Eve.  With this foggy and drippy weather outside, the thought of a brand new babe born on what I am imagining to be a perfectly snowy and snug Christmas Eve, seems a very romantic idea to me.  

As I drove, I ooohed and aaahed over the landscapes before me.  At one point, I couldn't keep it all to myself any longer,  I dialed up Cesar to tell him about the beauty my eyes were beholding.  I told him how I wished he were at home with me, beside me, to share in this beauty I was witness to.  But, he was not at home this morning, he is not here beside me now as I type this either, so instead, I pulled out my camera and snapped away as I drove. 

So why were Eunmi and I talking fabric?  She was recently visiting our home for a playdate and peeked into our girls nursery, which I so love to show off now that it is almost, almost finished.  I hope to have a post all about it soon!  She really liked the bird mobiles.  She decided she'd like to make one for her nursery as well.  Hence my trip over the river and through the fog to a girlfriends house to talk fabric.

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