Friday, November 5, 2010

Head Cover

 Preparing to drive Hugo to his preschool in the morning involves warm clothing now.  Tights, socks and 8 shoes to be located, pants and leggings to be pulled up and over tushes, undershirts and sweaters to play hide and seek in.  We've even been wearing light jackets the past few weeks and I've pulled on my hat many a morning.  Hugo has hats, but he hasn't worn them to school yet.  The problem is, that the girls do not have hats yet.  Bad, bad momma I am!

A hat, especially a baby hat, takes no time to knit.  My problem has been, that I can't decide what I want their hats to look like.  Isn't that silly of me?!   My mind has been running the question of: Should I knit stocking caps or bonnets or tams for their wee precious heads?  And should I knit i-cord ties or a chin strap with a button closure, because little Miss Marlow doesn't like things on her head you know.  If she feels a headband up there, gone it is in two seconds.  She thinks it's the best game ever.  Sweet Sabine doesn't mind wearing something upon her head at all.  Thank you Sabine.

So, I've been knitting.  Slowly.  And I've decided that the answer is... a girl needs options.

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Maggie May said...

I can't decide who's cuter: Sabine or Marlo. I think, oh Sabine! Then I see Marlo's impish smile & I think, oh no, Marlo is cuter! Then Sabine looks at me with her gentle eyes & I forget all about Marlo. Then Hugo comes runnin' and gives me the best kiss & hug I've gotten in like 10 years & I forget all about the twins.