Monday, November 15, 2010

A Few Things

* Cesar took me to a wrap party last night.  I put the girls down for the night, got Hugo hooked up with the How To Train Your Dragon DVD to watch with his babysitter, and then at last, we two were out the door.   When Hugo woke this morning, he searched the entire house, room by room, calling out for his sitter Cheyenne.  "Cheyenne!  Chey-Annnnnne!"  He thought she was spending the night.  I suppose that's proof as to just how often we have dates.

* Hugo's preschool teacher, Mrs Armstrong, pulled me aside at pick up today.  She whispered in my ear that as roll is called each morning, Hugo wants to be addressed as, and only as,
Hugo Augustus Baptista.

* Both girls give kisses now!

* Rodrigo is very much missed.  I'm finding it hard to believe that we are a dogless family.  Shhhh! I've checked out Chihuahua puppies for sale on line to cheer myself up.

From Hugo - "We hope Rodrigo can be good with Bella and Wallace and they can run around and they can eat food with us and they can come down from heaven and Jesus can put them down soft on the ground on the Earth and they can run around and they can drink some water".

*I have been informed that the squiggly line on Hugo's Indian Feather Headdress is a very long snake.  There is also a walking sun and a big monster, who has a whole bunch of eyes, on the back.  My camera battery died before I could take a picture of the back of his headdress so you'll have to use your imagination.

*Marlo loves to play peek-a-boo by pulling any found object up in front of her face and over her head. She also likes to mimic the act of getting dressed. She is noticing everything now!

*Sabine likes to have books read to her. She'll sit and sit all the while helping you to turn the pages. Miss Sabine is also quite the snuggle bunny, we refer to Marlo as a koala because she clamps her legs and arms onto you.

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Murdoch said...

So sorry to hear about Rodrigo - He was such a good little dog.

Millie Price said...

awwww. i love the stuff kids say. it's fun to get a view of the world from their perspective!

Hey Harriet said...

hehe...this post gave me a good laugh! How delightful. Kids can be so very entertaining and they have no idea!