Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Playdate Tuesday

 We hosted an impromptu playdate for two of Hugo's preschool classmates this afternoon.  Rowan's Mom gave us his booster seat so he could ride home with us in our van.  It was very exciting.  I'm not sure which boy had the bigger smile on their face.  Sweet Rowan has been telling his Mom that he wants to have a van with two baby sisters in it.  So cute and very familiar sounding!

There were peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, apple slices, and two kinds of cookies to fill their bellies with.  Hardly anything was eaten at all.  All the boys wanted to do was play.  They played in Hugo's room and they played downstairs in Sheri's apartment, yes we still call it that!  Eventually, the party moved outdoors while the girls napped in their cribs. 

We played on Hugo's new swing.  Tried our best at taking turns.  They rode his big wheel down the sloping driveway over and over.  Again we all tried our best at taking turns.  Eventually we set out for a walk up to watch cars drive past the tall hill.  There the kids climbed the fence, searched out sticks for make believe guns, and decided to destroy a weed tree.  The name of which escapes me now.  Thomas was very upset about hurting the tree at first.  After I explained that it was a nasty weed and needed to be taken out, he joined in with the other boys and was all for the destruction.

Our walk about the yard took us to retrieve the mail, visit the turtle, hand play in the standing water of the burn pit, and back up the sloping drive to the back door.  We were all bushed and thirsty so inside we went.  The girls were wrestling upstairs, the fire needed stoking, and the boys begged to play with the new iPad.  It was a great afternoon.

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