Friday, November 19, 2010

Phil Allen

We had a visitor by the name of Phil Allen this past weekend.  The friendship between Cesar and Phil dates back to their high school days.  Way back when, they attended different schools but found themselves introduced to one another by the girls they were each dating.  The dating relationships soon ended, but a bond of friendship, and a mutual love of cars and motorcycles, was formed between the two young men.  Very few people were at our City Hall wedding, Phil Allen was in attendance.  We weren't quite sure he'd make it, as he was working a tug in the New York harbor that morning.  Off the ship he jumped, just in time to be Cesar's Best Man.

This birthday weekend marks Phil's 40th year.  We are very happy to have had him spend this special time in his life with our growing family.

Cesar and Phil spent an afternoon at the shooting range while Hugo and I hurried to make a secret birthday cake together.  The little stinker could hardly keep his mouth shut about the surprise throughout dinner.  He'd say things like, "You know Phil, we don't have a birthday cake for you."  Thank heavens Phil didn't, or at least pretended, to not understand him.  I'll think twice about involving him in another undercover surprise operation again anytime soon.  Like, say in his Papa's Christmas present!  Phil had a hard time blowing out the candles on his cake.  In the end, he invited the all to eager Hugo to help him out.

Phil was also very sweet with the girls.  He thought it was strange that they sat in their high chairs and watched us while we ate dinner.  They were silent!  After dinner he carried Marlo upstairs for me and deposited himself in the glider as I dressed one girl and then the other for bed, Hugo played at his feet.  Soon Phil was roped into reading Hugo a tug boat tale just before sleep.

Happy Birthday Phil!  And come again soon!

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