Tuesday, June 15, 2010


 After dinner tonight, I brought Marlo outside to enjoy the warm, end of day sunshine.  We also got to watch the boys acting like crazy Indians!  Parker's bus dropped him off at our house after school this afternoon about 10 minutes after Hugo woke from his nap.  Perfect timing!   Sabine wasn't with us outside tonight because she had passed out cold in her bouncy chair in the middle of dinner.  She had an upset tummy all day, poor thing.

I helped Marlo to practice her sitting position on the ground.  The boys ran circles around us as we flew like airplanes and tried our best at balancing and strengthening our trunk muscles.  I have to say that she didn't like the grass much.  Especially when she tipped forward or backward onto the spiky blades.  She can almost sit by herself.  With a little more practice, I think she'll have it down in no time.  One baby girl (almost) down, one to go.

p.s.  We had dinosaur meat for dinner tonight.  Great big T-Rex, with the two fingers, cheeseburgers!   Everything is dinosaur this and dinosaur that in our house right now.

p.s.s.  These pics of Marlo and her spiky pony tail are for my sister Maggie.  When she was little girl our mother gave her a spiky pony tail often.  We called her hairdo The Palm Tree and The Coconut.  So, that last pic is for you Mags!


Audra said...

Awwww I am envious of the pony sprig on the girls' heads-how adorable! both my girl naturally sport mullets until nearly two years old. :) Patiently waiting for Ella's hair on top to grow....

MAGGIE MAY said...

Awesome!!! Love it. Me 'n Marlo... :) love you, Ali!