Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Sabine Luvenia

Today was dark, rainy and chilly chilly.  The day simply begged to be a pajama day, I tell ya!  Hugo added a sweater over his pajama top and I changed into new pajamas, while the girls were dressed in their elephant pants with flowered, cream colored tops.  Marlo was hanging with her big brother downstairs, watching some cartoons, as Sabine and I made beds and such upstairs.  While I was dressing Sabine, a loud howl of pain shot forth from Marlo's mouth.  Hugo ran to the bottom of the stairs shouting that Marlo had blood on her nose and I better come quick!  Down the stairs I bolted.  I wondered if Hugo had gotten too nutty, and jumped on her fingers or something, then I saw her nose.  Check out the below picture of our Miss Marlo.

Last night after baths, I trimmed the girls nails, I guess I missed a tiny, sharp corner somewhere.  Baby nails are just awful!  They're sharp and tiny and make me so nervous as I attempt to cut them with the teeny tiny baby nail clipper.  Baby toes are even worse.  It amazes me how quickly they grow and how impressively sharp they are.  The girls pinch my breasts as they nurse all the time so believe you me, when I promise that I am pretty diligent about keeping their nails trimmed and tidy, I mean it!  It hurts!  But, poor Marlo.  Of course it happened to Miss Marlo.

Marlo Amalia


Maggie May said...

I adore the gorgeous baby blue eyes pic and the last one with your baby blue pants and flip flops & Hugo's great sweater (which I bet you knitted?). :)

a new song!!!!

Alissa Nicolau said...

It's such a pain to take the moment to click on over to the playlist site to change up the music. I've been thinking I want to remove the music, period.