Monday, June 21, 2010


The girls had a nurse visit today and each received 3 shots.  They're 7 months old now, have had numerous shots and it hasn't gotten any easier for me.  For me, ha!  Sometimes the girls received their shots while stretched out on the exam table and other times, I've held my daughters, one by one, in my arms while the shot(s) was administered.  Today I held my girlies.  I whispered in their ears and looked away as the needle came near us.  Hugo told me he didn't look either.  He didn't want to see the blood.  Part of my mom job is to make sure the nurse uses the small circle bandages instead of the adult sizes or the dreaded gauze and surgical tape, which they wrap half way up and then down their bodies.  It was a shot, not a battle wound! 

We've been lucky thus far, so that after the initial crying ends, the girls have returned to the regular, happy selves.  Not today.  Both girls were cranky and off and it was a hot and muggy day which didn't help any.  Miss Sabine was especially needy.  She craved lots of smooches and love.  We snuggled the day away.

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