Thursday, June 3, 2010

7 Months Old Today!

Marlo and Sabine are 7 months old today, I can hardly believe the words as I type them.  7 months!  Wow!  We've got sleeping down, a daily routine in motion, car seats are now our friends, the girls finally enjoy their baths, will now allow me to stop and look at items in the market without my needing to keep the cart in a constant back and forth motion and they will both snuggle and coo and smile with any willing takers.  They even managed to keep all four of their black Mary Jane's on their feet throughout all of church this past Sunday.  Whew!  Misunderstood Marlo is a thing of the past until ummmmm 4:30/5 pm or so...  I can deal.

In the past few days Sabine has begun to make all sorts of new sounds.  The girl is finally talking and blowing raspberries like silly.  Miss Sabine can roll from her tummy to her back and this week she has begun to roll from her back onto her tummy, and she's the floppy one!  Marlo hasn't mastered the skill of rolling from back to tummy yet.  Sabine is still such a true, true sweetheart.  In her EI Evaluation she was described as a "sweet, calm baby".  That's my girl!  Only complains if hungry or if her twin sister bonks her in the face with a rattle.

Two babies on the floor for tummy time, at the same time, means someone will be kicked, swung at with arms and elbows, closed fists, toys in hand or a lovely combination of all four!  Guaranteed.  Oh, and heads bonked from all the roll over exercises as one sister rolls over onto/into the other.  It happens, often.  I do try to keep them apart, really I do, but the two girls have begun to scoot around.  Their movements aren't very obvious to the untrained upright walkers eye yet.  I lay them on the floor and leave the room and when I come back, they've either flipped over or have scooted to the other end of the blanket and changed direction on me.  I've caught myself frozen in mid step as I've come around the corner of the room and found one girl or the other is not where I last placed her.  Or is she?  My brain is a bowl full of mush.  I need a nanny cam to capture all the floor action and then watch the scooting about in fast forward play.  Popcorn and a movie anyone?!  If the girls had been identical twins, I'd be in real trouble right about now. 

I need a baby proofing floor plan.  And lots of gates.  Like soon.

Our Papa came home early this hot, humid day for some water play!  I tossed a needy Marlo into his arms so I could finish up nursing Sabine in peace.  Cesar said he couldn't take Marlo outside.  That he and Hugo were going to cool off by spraying each other with the hose!  I asked him to figure it out.  Outside he went, swimsuit clad with his baby daughter perched on one arm.  Sabine and I listened to all their squeals of laughter from our comfortable, dry spot on the couch as the two boys shot cold water out of the hose at one another throughout the backyard.  We heard Marlo call out in protest a few times.  Soon Sabine snoozed in her crib and outside I went.  I retrieved Marlo from her Papa and he was sad to see her go since she had become his upper body no spray zone protection from young Hugo and the hose.  Now Papa was fair game.

Skinny little Hugo eventually froze out.


The girls looked right then left, then right and left again, and oh boy, I gave up.  Rodrigo and Evie walking into the house and out of the house were much more interesting than Momma and her forever flashing camera!

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Maggie May said...

I luv the pic of Cesar running from Hugo and the Hose. Funny.

I laughed at your nanny cam comment--cute.

And yeah, I wish I had four people to love me all day long every day. Soak it up! :)